Adorable Doll Fashions - Clothing, shoes and accessories to fit 15" and 18" dolls
What started out as my sister and I making clothes for our own little girls' dolls when they were younger has blossomed into a fun business for us. Our girls would see clothes they wanted for their doll and we would always respond, "I could make that for you!" Sometimes they were lucky enough to actually have that promise fulfilled! The smiles on their faces was our reward. As our children grew, we didn't have that opportunity very often. Hence, the business we now have! Seeing the excited little girls as they spot our booth is almost as rewarding as seeing our own when they would see the finished product that we had created especially for them.
We like to think we have the business with the "Ahhh" factor. We enjoy keeping up with the latest fashions for girls so that we can design trendy outfits for their dolls. We have been known to ask girls, when they are shopping in our booth, if we can take photos of their outfits to create adorable new doll fashions. Our goal is to make childhood a fun and exciting experience for girls and their dollies!
Margie Gellenbeck
526 W Lake Road
Guthrie, OK 73044
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